Why Visit Our Spring Medical Center?

For a variety of reasons, many people are reluctant to visit a hospital or medical center in Spring to seek treatment for an assortment of illnesses and injuries. Some people do not see a doctor due to their fear of pain and discomfort associated with the visit. For other people, it may be the case that their busy schedules prevent them from making an appointment during daytime hours. Still others might consider medical care a low priority due to their personal benefits. And for other people, it may be as simple as not having medical insurance.

Whatever your individual reason or reasons may be, the fact of the matter is this: there will come a time when you will need an emergency care medical center in Spring, whether it is due to a sudden illness or a minor to major accident. And when that time comes, Sublime Care ER will be there to address your medical issues with convenient, effective diagnosis and treatment.

Laboratory Services

With dozens of medical specialties available under one room, Sublime Care is well equipped to administer full-service, freestanding service on a 24 hour, 7 day per week schedule. In addition, our board certified staff is able to provide expert-level care, while using the latest medical techniques and technologies in order to minimize patient pain and maximize comfort. Last but certainly not least, our Spring-area medical center is able to work with various forms of insurance plans.

In short, there is no reason not to visit Sublime Care, conveniently located on FM 2920, and receive the emergency medical care you need!

Spring Medical Center Services

So with those excuses to delay a hospital visit out of the way, let us examine some of the services you can access at our medical center in Spring:

  • Routine Exams: Patients can visit Sublime Care ER on a walk-in basis to take routine exams in order to satisfy certain requirements for one’s school or place of employment, or to perform annual health screenings to check for certain conditions and diseases.
  • Preventative Care: The primary care physicians at Sublime Care are able to monitor long-term patient information such as immunization records and health histories in order to proscribe lasting medical solutions.
  • Non-Emergency Care: In addition to emergency medical care, our Spring medical center is able to alleviate minor medical injuries and illnesses such as colds, flus, headaches, muscle sprains, and more.
  • Minor Procedures: For relatively minor injuries, such as lacerations arms or hands, our primary care physicians can perform the appropriate medical procedure, which, in this case, is sow stitches.

Our broad range of medical services, advanced equipment, and talented physicians and nurses make Sublime Care one of the premier medical centers in Spring. To find out more, visit us in person or contact us anytime, day or night.

Speak to Our Spring Medical Center Now

For those looking to get in touch with a Sublime Care representative, it could not be any easier. Simply call us at (281) 353-0911 or email info@sublimecareer.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Our mission is to cultivate a culture of high-quality care in the communities we serve by equipping our free-standing emergency room utilizing innovative technology and leaders who are compassionate and display integrity while striving for excellence.

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