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Ask any parent and they will tell you that caring for children is a 24 hour, 365 day a year job. In fact, the time when a child needs pediatric care the most may not come during regular daytime hours, but rather during evenings and weekends. Unfortunately, many parents have no place to turn when they suddenly need a pediatrician in the Spring area.

Fortunately, Sublime Care Emergency Room offers around-the-clock care for a variety of medical emergencies. Located on FM 2920, our medical facility employs a team of qualified Spring pediatricians and nurses who are able to diagnose and treat major and minor illnesses. Patients with persistent or severe health issues can visit our ER on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis.

So if your child ever suffers from a sudden medical emergency, do not hesitate to visit Sublime Care ER in Spring today.

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There are few pleasures in life greater than having and raising a child. Indeed, it can be an exciting experience to see your child grow up happy and healthy. But parents also recognize that the “healthy” part of the equation is more difficult than it looks. That’s because children are regularly exposed to a variety of threats, ranging from germs and microbes in the air that can enter their bodies to everyday objects that can cause scrapes, cuts, and more.

For this reason, we encourage families to consult with one of our board-certified pediatricians in Spring. Sublime Care emergency room is one of the area’s premier healthcare providers, with a staff that is capable of diagnosing and treating a host of pediatric conditions. We advise parents to be aware of the following symptoms of poor or failing health in their children and to seek immediate care if these symptoms persist.

  • Shallow or rapid breathing that occurs suddenly, as well as painful or labored breathing that causes the child to expirate with difficulty
  • Severe lacerations caused by either a sharp impact or impact injury that results in an irregular wound or tissue injury, as well as persistent bleeding
  • Animal or insect bites that either cause external damage or that transmit diseases and cause infection
  • Chronic hives that may be caused by infection, illness, or other causes, and can result symptoms that include vomiting, difficulty breathing, or a swollen tongue

If you observe any strange or unusual symptoms in your child, it is important not to panic. Many medical conditions are treatable if they are detected early and treated in time. With that in mind, the first and most important step you can take is to contact Sublime Care ER immediately to arrange a visit with our Spring pediatrician.

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Contact us anytime by phone at (281) 353-0911 or by email at As a 24/7/365 medical facility, we will be in service no matter when you may need us!


Our mission is to cultivate a culture of high-quality care in the communities we serve by equipping our free-standing emergency room utilizing innovative technology and leaders who are compassionate and display integrity while striving for excellence.

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