Providing Spring Emergency Clinic Services

If you’re a patient seeking an emergency clinic in Spring, we invite you to visit Sublime Care Emergency Room. Our full-service emergency care, medical facility is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to administer quick and immediate treatment when you need it most. Our emergency facility employs experienced, board-certified medical professionals who can diagnose and treat major and minor conditions alike.

At Sublime Care, we take pride in our status as a Spring emergency clinic that supplies expert medical care on a 24-7 basis. Among the outstanding medical services that our patients can access:

Laboratory Services

Freestanding ER

Our freestanding emergency room (ER) provides Spring emergency clinic patients with the same benefits of a hospital-based ER without the long wait times. Sublime Care’s freestanding ER facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a high level of medical care. Our board-certified physicians demonstrate a commitment to the health of patients while doing so with compassion and integrity.

Radiology Services

Our Spring emergency clinic boasts a highly advanced department of radiology that includes imaging and laboratory services that are among the best in the area. From CT scans and x-rays to ultrasounds, patients receive their diagnostic results in a fraction of the time when compared to hospital-based ERs.

A brief list of major services that patients can expect at Sublime Care include the following:

Abdominal Pain / Accidental Poisoning / Appendicitis / Asthma / Back Injuries / Blood Clots / Breathing Problems / Chemical Exposure / Chest Pain / Congestive Heart Failure / Dehydration / Dizziness / Eye Injuries / Fractures / Foreign Body Removal / Head Injuries / Heart Attack / High Fever / Hypertensive Urgency / Irregular Heartbeat / Lacerations / Major Burns / Motor Vehicle Accidents / Nebulizer Treatment / Overdose / Pediatric Emergencies / Pneumonia / Seizures / Shock / Stroke Like Symptoms / Syncope (Loss of Consciousness) / Car Accident Injuries / and MUCH more…

Laboratory Services

Our on-site laboratory is certified by COLA, the premier clinical laboratory accreditation organization that offers educational standards regarding patient care. By having our lab services onsite, we are able to perform important tests to patients on an emergency basis. This allows us to treat a variety of medical issues, ranging from sprains, fractures and concussions to life-or-death conditions. Regardless of the need, patients will receive expert, compassionate care in a comfortable medical setting.

Observation Program

One of the things that separates Sublime Care from other Spring emergency clinics and freestanding ERs is our observation room. With our observation program, patients can be admitted for a period between 8 and 23 hours. During this period of observation, unhealthy patients can recover at our facility until treatment is complete or they’re transferred to another medical facility.

High Quality Emergency Care in Spring

In summation, Sublime Care ER is a Spring-area medical facility you can rely on for affordable and convenient medical care. With our freestanding ER, radiology and laboratory services, and our observation room, we are able to provide our patients with licensed, experienced treatment for a range of medical injuries and diseases. And best of all, you can experience that high quality care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Our mission is to cultivate a culture of high-quality care in the communities we serve by equipping our free-standing emergency room utilizing innovative technology and leaders who are compassionate and display integrity while striving for excellence.

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